National Program

The program is an initiative between the Australian Federal Government and ACEM designed to address some of the biggest challenges facing emergency medical care in Australia.

The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine’s National Program, Improving Australia’s Emergency Medicine Workforce, commenced in 2011 (Emergency Medicine Program). It includes a range of projects, funded by the Australian Federal Government, as part of their commitment to improving emergency medical care in Australia.

The National Program is overseen by the ACEM National Program Steering Committee chaired by Assoc Prof Sally McCarthy.

Emergency Medicine Education and Training (EMET) program
EMET provides emergency medicine specialist education and training to many of the Australian hospitals with emergency departments or urgent care services that are not staffed by specialist emergency medicine physicians (FACEMs). 

Program funding has been extended to December 2017. 

Visit the EMET page for more details, including EMET news stories from around the country.

Specialist Training Program

The Specialist Training Program (STP) aims to increase training posts for specialists outside traditional public teaching hospitals, providing an annual trainee salary contribution of $110,000 (GST inc) per 1.0 FTE post.

ACEM currently administers 122 STP posts in emergency medicine settings including private hospitals, rural and remote and special skills.

Visit the STP page for more details. 


A number of other initiatives have been supported through this program including the development of a range of eLearning modules and online resources, delivery of professional development courses and a number of research projects.

Further information, please contact the College