Discrimination, Bullying & Sexual Harassment

ACEM has made a commitment to investigating the prevalence of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment in emergency medicine.

Seeking Support

The College Board, along with the Council of Advocacy, Practice and Partnerships, has taken the initiative to investigate the prevalence of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment affecting our members and trainees.

The Discrimination Bullying and Sexual Harassment (DBSH) Working Group was established in 2016 to undertake this important work.


The DBSH Working Group has invited all members to have their say to help bring about meaningful cultural change and address DBSH in emergency medicine.

You can have your say on a Draft Action Plan via the anonymous online feedback form, or by emailing Angela Wadsworth (DBSH Project Lead) at [email protected]

The consultation is open until Friday 22 December 2017.

A final version of the plan will be launched by the ACEM Board in early 2018.

The Draft Action Plan follows the release of the results of the DBSH survey and a consultation of the membership to help develop the Draft Action Plan.

Survey of members

An independent, confidential and anonymous survey of all ACEM trainees, Fellows, Specialist International Medical Graduates, Certificants and Diplomates was conducted between April and May 2017.

In August 2017, the College released the results of the survey.

Responding to the findings, ACEM President Professor Anthony Lawler, in a message to all members, said the behaviour reported in the survey was unacceptable.

Watch the President’s message



Support for members and trainees

ACEM is committed to supporting emergency physicians' wellbeing through this process:
ACEM is committed to supporting emergency physicians' wellbeing through this process. If you have encountered discrimination, bullying or sexual harassment in your workplace, we encourage you to seek confidential support from: If your experience is related to any College associated activity, you are able to contact Converge International, which has been engaged by ACEM to provide additional support to our members and trainees in association with this project:
  • Australia: 1300 687 327
  • New Zealand: +61 3 8620 5300
The service is completely confidential. 

Converge International also offers an online hub of resources designed to provide you with information on work related and personal issues. The portal contains information on the latest news and events from Converge International, newsletter inserts on various topics, research papers and tip sheets. 
Follow the link for details as to how to log in to the Converge International client portal
If you would like to make a formal complaint to ACEM about the conduct of any College member(s) and/or trainee(s), or to enquire about the College’s complaints process, you can email [email protected].
The Complaints Policy and the Procedures for Resolving Discrimination, Bullying and Sexual Harassment Complaints are also available on the College website.
For any general enquiries, you can contact the DBSH Project Team, or Complaints Office on +61 3 8679 8861.