Constitution and Regulations

The Constitution outlines the principles according to which ACEM is governed. The Regulations represent the basis on which decisions regarding the College are made by the ACEM Board.

College Constitution

The new Constitution was adopted on 15 November 2009, replacing the former Memorandum & Articles of Association.

Subsequently amended: 15 March 2011, 20 November 2011, November 2013 and November 2015.

View the College's Constitution here.

College Regulations

Pursuant to clause 7.3 of the College Constitution, the ACEM Board has approved various Regulations pertaining to the conduct and management of the College. These Regulations are to be read in conjunction with all relevant College policies and guidelines as from time to time approved and, to the extent that there is any inconsistency, the Regulations shall prevail.

Regulation A: Governance
Regulation B: ACEM Specialist Training Regulations
Regulation C: Assessment of Specialist International Medical Graduates
Regulation D: Non-Specialist Training Programs
Regulation E: Recertification
Regulations pertaining to: Accreditation of Emergency Departments