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In memory of a loveable rogue

In a special Inside ACEM this week, Dr John Bonning, Dr Jan Bone and Dr Ruth Large share stories in memory of Dr Chris Cresswell 31-10-1967 to 31-12-2016
Chris was one of the world's special people.   He was born on 31 October 1967 and died suddenly on New Years Eve 2016.   His unexpected death while riding on one of his favourite bike tracks in...
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Welcome to 2017

ACEM President Professor Tony Lawler takes us through what's in store for ACEM in 2017
ACEM President Tony Lawler is about to step into his second year in the Presidential hot seat at ACEM, and from his perspective, 2017 is going to be a big one. From facing workforce planning...
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All I want for Christmas is … a booze-free ED

The latest Alcohol Harm in EDs Snapshot Survey results are in and for Diana Egerton-Warburton they are just not good enough.
The latest distressing statistics are out from ACEM’s Alcohol Harm in EDs Snapshot Survey.One in eight patients in Australian EDs, and as many as one in four patients in NZ EDs are there due to...
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Listening and learning

Dr Simon Judkins is ACEM’s new President-Elect. He talks to Inside ACEM about his up-coming year of observation and how he thinks all emergency medicine physicians can change the world.
Dr Simon Judkins knew he wanted to be an emergency doctor from the moment he walked into his first emergency rotation. He’d dabbled in surgery and thought about general practice, inspired by his...
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Taking steppes towards EM

ACEM Foundation International Scholarship recipient Dr Ganbold Lundeg shares his story of what it’s like delivering emergency medicine to the cities, mountains and steppes of Mongolia.
Four years ago there were no emergency departments in Mongolia. As an anesthesiologist at Ulaanbaatar city’s Hospital Number One, Dr Ganbold Lundegand his team were responsible for the entire...
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Lessons from an island of promise and paradox

As the Developing EM conference kicks off in Sri Lanka next week, Dr Bishan Rajapakse talks about returning to his birth country, and the extraordinary research project that kept him there for four years.
Sri Lanka is a tropical island paradise with a turbulent past and a promising future for emergency medicine (EM).   Dr Bishan Rajapakse was born in Sri Lanka but left when he was six months old...
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Hidden mortality

Drs John Kennedy and Alex Tzannes have been working on a new ACEM resource to help combat a silent killer.
In 2003 it killed over 50,000 people across Europe. It was called the greatest health catastrophe France has ever known.   In 2009 it was responsible for over 300 deaths in the southeast of...
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A rare quality

With the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) due to commence next week in Queenstown, NZ, we bring you a special New Zealand-flavoured Inside ACEM with Joseph Epstein Scholar Dr Tamanui-Thomas.
Dr Te Motu Puawai Tamanui-Thomas wants to change the world. Growing up as a child of fiercely proud Māori lineage ― her grandmother is Tuhoe and her grandfather was a Rangatira (chief) of Ngāriki...
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Behind the scenes of a snapshot survey

Professor Drew Richardson takes us into the world of ACEM's snapshot surveys and tells us why every ED should take part
It’s midnight in Canberra. 2am in New Zealand.Professor Drew Richardson and Research Assistant Ms Anita Taglieri are just starting their day. Why are they up so late?  They are the hub for ACEM’s...
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Planning for Fellowship Exam success

Dr Andrew Cooke, one of the 2016 Buchanan Prize winners, takes us through his Fellowship Exam prep process and shares some tips on how to stay calm on the day.
The ACEM Fellowship Exam is a major milestone for any trainee. From the written examination which runs to a marathon six hours, to the clinical examination (also known as the OSCE – Objective...
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