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Stories about emergency medicine and the people who work in it. 

Putting his money where the research is

Al Spilman discusses why he decided to donate towards the ACEM Foundation
What if I told you there are ways to save lives in the emergency department other than becoming an emergency physician or nurse? Long-time supporter of the College, Al Spilman is proving just that...
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Together we can Close the Gap

Advanced trainee Dr Ryan Dashwood—advanced trainee and Budawang man- from the Yuin Nation of the NSW South Coast discusses how you can help to close the gap
“You don’t know what you don’t know,” explains Dr Ryan Dashwood—advanced trainee and Budawang man- from the Yuin Nation of the NSW South Coast.   And lack of knowledge is one of the large reasons...
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Treating Ghosts

Today on the sixth anniversary of the war in Syria, Dr Natalie Thurtle talks about her work with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) at the Syrian/Jordan border.
What would you do if you were practicing in a situation where you couldn’t access your patients? For FACEM Natalie Thurtle, this was exactly the position she found herself in while working for MSF...
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Strength in numbers

Western Australia Faculty Chair David Mountain discusses how Faculties and FACEMs work together for change
How do you use your local Faculty? For Western Australia Faculty Chair David Mountain, the most significant part of his role in the Faculty is as a voice on behalf of FACEMs.     “A Faculty is...
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Be Bold for Change

Dr Jo Dalgleish shares her experiences for International Women's Day 2017
This International Women’s Day, ACEM hosted a breakfast open to all staff, with FACEM Dr Jo Dalgleish sharing her experience of being a working mother in an emergency department (ED).Let’s start at...
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All in this together

FACEM Kavita Varshney discusses the importance of being prepared and staying aware during a heatwave.
Summer in Australia and New Zealand is arguably the best time of year. And in Australia’s biggest city, Sydney, it is synonymous with hot weather, the beach, sports and festivals.   For FACEM...
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This is what we're trained for

Dr David Richards, NZ Bravery Medal recipient, shares the story of his day during the 2011 Christchurch earthquake
“It was one of those days, it has been described as the worst of days but one of the best of days because things like emergencies, disaster management, caring for critically ill, traumatised...
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Pacific Practice

On the anniversary of Cyclone Winston, Dr Vivek Lal shares stories of practicing emergency medicine (EM) in Fiji
On February 22nd Cyclone Winston hit the shores of Fiji. It was the worst storm ever recorded in Fiji’s history. 44 people died, entire villages were destroyed and thousands were rendered homeless....
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Best of Web EM is back and better than ever

Amith Shetty gets excited about the brand new Best of Web EM platform
If you’ve been on the ACEM website this morning you might have noticed an extra button on the homepage. That’s right, we’ve rebooted the ol’ ACEM staple: Best of Web EM.So what is Best of Web EM...
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Granting our future

The Morson Taylor Research Grant: It’s not just a grant, it’s an opportunity to move our specialty forward.
If you’ve ever worked in an emergency department (ED) chances are you’ve experienced at least one patient presenting with a paracetamol overdose. In fact, each year in Australia 8,000 patients...
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