Expert Advisory Group

Discrimination has no place in the College and its role in emergency medicine training and education. The College recognises that discrimination can have a serious impact on those affected by it: it demeans the worth of individuals; it prevents our people from reaching their true potential; and it causes the loss of highly desirable talent from our profession. The College accepts readily its responsibility to eliminate discrimination in its processes. Recent media has suggested that aspects of the College’s examinations processes may have discriminatory outcomes.

The College has established an Expert Advisory Group (EAG), chaired by Dr Helen Szoke, to assess and advise on these concerns. The EAG has a broad remit of assessing discrimination in relation to the examinations, as well as any other College activities, at both an organisational and systems level as it relates to the College, its Fellows, trainees and IMGs, with particular reference to the Fellowship Clinical Examination and associated outcomes. The EAG will advise the College on its role, policies and processes and advocacy in relation to this important issue.

The EAG is currently calling for written submissions from ACEM trainees, members and SIMGs in order to seek information relevant to its two core tasks:
  1. Consideration of the complaint in relation to allegations of racial discrimination in the 2016.2 Fellowship Clinical Examination (OSCE).
  2. Advice on the elimination of discrimination (including, but not limited to, racial discrimination) in ACEM activities, principally those associated with the training and assessment of trainees undertaking the FACEM Training Program.
The deadline for receipt of submissions has now passed.


President's statement: 11 April 2017

President's statement: 24 March 2017

Terms of Reference for the EAG

President’s statement: 6 February 2017

President’s statement: 31 January 2017