College Name Change Proposal


Supported by the ACEM Board, the New Zealand Faculty put a proposal that a vote be held on whether to change the name of the College to include ‘Australian’ and ‘New Zealand’.

The Board supported the idea and agreed to take the proposal to all Fellows for a vote. The proposal was that the College’s name be changed from The ‘Australasian College for Emergency Medicine’ (ACEM) to The ‘Australian and New Zealand College for Emergency Medicine’ (ANZCEM).


Consultation on this proposal occurred throughout September, October and November 2017, and all members had an opportunity to comment on the proposal through an email channel set up specifically for that purpose, as well as through a discussion forum held at the ACEM 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting in Sydney. The College Board thanks all members who responded during the consultation phase.


Following consultation, the ACEM Board took the decision to put the proposed name change to a vote of the College membership eligible to vote on such matters; i.e. Fellows of the College.

Voting was conducted over the period 22 November 2017 – 24 December 2017.


In order for the proposed name change to be passed, it required 75% of those Fellows who voted to approve the special resolution. That was not achieved and, accordingly, the College name remains the ‘Australasian College for Emergency Medicine’.

President’s update: 9 January 2018