Council of Education

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The Council of Education (CoE) is the educational governing body of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine.

The CoE is responsible for educational strategic direction delivery and promoting improvements in education, and has oversight of all facets of the College’s educational activities.
This includes examination and election to Fellowship, accreditation and continuing professional development programs.

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The Council of Education Membership is comprised of the following positions:
  • Censor-in-Chief Chair
  • Deputy Censor-in-Chief Deputy Chair
  • President
  • Immediate-Past President or President Elect (non-voting)
  • FACEM Censors of each of the College regions
  • Chair or Deputy Chair of the Trainee Committee 
  • Community representative
  • Chief Executive Officer (non-voting)
  • Executive Director of Education and Training (non-voting).  
Title Name
Censor-in-Chief Barry Gunn
Deputy Censor-in-Chief Simon Chu
President Anthony Lawler
President-Elect Simon Judkins
Regional Censor for New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory Gabriel Lau
Regional Censor for New Zealand Gina de Cleene
Regional Censor for Queensland Sharyn Smith
Regional Censor for South Australia and Northern Territory Bob Dunn
Regional Censor for Tasmania Kate Field
Regional Censor for Victoria Jo Dalgleish
Regional Censor for Western Australia Harry Patterson
Trainee Committee Chair Jessica Forbes
Community Representative Jacqui Gibson-Roos
Chief Executive Officer Peter White
Executive Director of Education and Training Lyn Johnson