Sophie Lewis Fellowship in Acute Cardiovascular Emergencies


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The Sophie Lewis Fellowship in Acute Cardiovascular Emergencies (the ‘Fellowship’) was established by the Equity Trustees Foundation in memory of Sophie Lewis. The Fellowship is open to a Fellow or trainee of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM/the College) to pursue a program of research into acute cardiovascular emergencies and is overseen by the ACEM Foundation. A grant of $20,000 per year, for 3 (three) years (total $60,000) is offered and the project is to be completed within 48 months.
The Sophie Lewis Fellowship in Acute Cardiovascular Emergencies (the ‘Fellowship’) was established by the Equity Trustees Foundation in memory of Sophie Lewis. Sophie was a valued and loyal staff member in the Estates Department at Equity Trustees who passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest at work. Sophie is survived by her husband and two children.


2.1 Nature of Fellowship
The Fellowship consists of a monetary sum of $20,000 per year, for 3 (three) years (total $60,000).

2.2 Eligibility Criteria
The Fellowship is open to a Fellow or trainee of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM/the College) to pursue a program of research into acute cardiovascular emergencies. These may include cardiac arrest, the management of acute myocardial infarction, acute pulmonary oedema, stroke, transient ischaemic attack or peripheral vascular disorders.

Fellows and trainees must be of good standing with the College.

2.3 Applications
Eligible persons interested in applying for the Fellowship should complete the appropriate application form and submit it, together with the documentation specified therein, to the ACEM Foundation within the advertised timeframe. 

2.4 Selection Process
A panel of three (3) or more assessors convened by the Scientific Committee shall adjudicate the applications and recommend to the ACEM Foundation a recipient for the Fellowship, based on the following criteria:

• the originality of the research (5)
• its potential application to emergency medicine (5)
• the level of evidence provided by the outcome (5)
• appropriateness of the study methodology (5)
• its probability of success (5)
Maximum total score (25)

The ACEM Foundation shall determine the recipient of the Fellowship. The decision of the Foundation will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

All parts of the selection process must be conducted in accordance with the College Conflict of Interest Policy.  

2.5 Acknowledgement of Fellowship
The winner of the Fellowship is presented with a citation in acknowledgement of the Fellowship at the College Ceremony held in the year the Fellowship is made. 

2.6 Publication of the Fellowship
The ACEM Foundation may publish the recipient’s name and the working title of the project to promote the Fellowship and raise the profile of the ACEM Foundation.


3.1 General
(a) ‘Recipient’ means the person or persons to whom the funds in question were made available. Where more than one person is the joint recipient of funds, a reference to the ‘recipient’ includes a reference to all those recipients.

(b) The recipient of a Fellowship and any research, technical or other personnel involved in a Fellowship project are not employees of ACEM. The College takes no responsibility whatsoever for any employment or other entitlements in respect of those parties.

3.2 Adherence to terms of project
The recipient shall adhere to the details of the research project and budget as approved by the College, and shall not make any alteration to either without the prior written approval of the College.

3.3 Completion of Fellowship
An approved project is to be completed within 48 months of the date the Fellowship was made, or within such other timeframe as the ACEM Foundation may in writing allow.  

3.4 Fellowship Funds
(a) The sums awarded will usually be paid yearly in lump sums as soon as practicable after the Fellowship is made. They are not subject to inflationary or other incremental adjustments.

(b) When a Fellowship terminates (for any reason), any unexpended balance of Fellowship funds must be returned to the ACEM Foundation.

3.5 Matters requiring prior approval
(a) The recipient must obtain the prior express, written approval of the ACEM Foundation in respect of the following: 

• changes to research program or budget 
• approval to apply for patent
• approval to purchase office equipment with Fellowship funds.

(b) Applications for prior approval must be made in writing, addressed to the ACEM Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and include full details of the subject matter.

(c) Any approval will not be valid if it is not made in writing or does not specify the precise nature of, and limitations on, the approval.

3.6 Required notifications
The recipient shall notify the ACEM Foundation in writing, and in advance wherever possible, of:

• any periods of absence to be taken during the course of the Fellowship (excluding those which are less than four week’s duration)
• their leaving, or intention to leave,  the relevant institution before the expiration of the Fellowship and the name of the institution their next intended place of employment.

3.7 Ethics
(a) It is expected that any research conducted with the support of a research Fellowship:

• will have all necessary ethical clearances, and 
• in particular, will comply with policies and statements on research involving humans published by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). 

(b) Recipients shall also comply with all relevant procedures and policies of the host institution.

3.8 Obligations
(a) Reporting Obligations
The recipient shall provide the following reports to the ACEM Foundation:

(i) by 30 May of each year - a statement of expenditure charged to the Fellowship (provided by the host institution)

(ii) by 30 June of each year - a concise summary of research progress (approximately 300 words)

(iii) at the termination of the Fellowship -

• a final statement of expenditure (provided by the host institution)
• a final report on the overall outcome of the research.    

(b) Publication Obligations
At the termination of the Fellowship, the recipient shall present the results of their work supported by the Fellowship through:

(i) presentation at the ACEM Annual Scientific Meeting, Winter Symposium or other appropriate scientific meeting approved by the ACEM Foundation, or

(ii) publication through the usual scientific channels.

All presentations or publications are to acknowledge the support of the Sophie Lewis Fellowship in Acute Cardiovascular Emergencies and the ACEM Foundation.

3.9 Intellectual Property
Any discovery arising out of work supported by the Fellowship must not be the subject of application for patent, except with:

• the written approval of ACEM Board, and
• the agreement of the institution in which the work is carried out.

3.10 Ownership and disposition of property
(a) Equipment of any kind purchased from Fellowship funds remains the property of ACEM. With the prior approval of ACEM, the Fellowship recipient may transfer or donate such equipment to another approved project or relevant institution. 

(b) ACEM may arrange direct removal or transfer of equipment between laboratories:

• at any time after completion of the original research projects, or 
• at such time as, in the opinion of ACEM, the equipment is no longer required for the purposes of the project.

3.11 Prohibited usage of funds
Fellowship funds may not be used to acquire office equipment such as personal computers, laptop computers, tablets, smart phones, facsimile machines, photocopiers etc. unless the recipient has obtained, in writing, the prior express approval of the ACEM Foundation.

3.12 Termination of Fellowship
(a) A Fellowship may be terminated if the conditions of Fellowship are not observed.  

(b) A Fellowship will terminate if the recipient leaves the institution before the expiration of the Fellowship, unless other arrangements satisfactory to the ACEM Foundation are made beforehand.

• AP483 Sophie Lewis Fellowship in Acute Cardiovascular Emergencies application form
• AP484 Sophie Lewis Fellowship in Acute Cardiovascular Emergencies score sheet
COR139 Conflict of Interest Policy

Timeframe for review: every three (3) years, or earlier if required.  

5.1 Responsibilities
Document authorisation: ACEM Board
Document implementation: ACEM Foundation
Document maintenance: ACEM Foundation & Faculties Coordinator 
Applications are closed.
Sophie Lewis Fellowship
Year Awarded to Title of Project
2016 Christopher Armstrong Does the early miRNA profile of cardiac arrest have prognostic potential?